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On a bilateral level, the Netherlands has made several assistance instruments available to Ukrainian, Moldovan and Dutch people who like to join hands in mutually beneficial undertakings. For an overview of other bilateral programmes, please visit the 'Bilateral Cooperation' chapter of this website. For more information on studing in the Netherlands, please visit the 'Culture, Press & Education' chapter of this website.

1.1 Small Embassy Projects Programme (MATRA / KNIP)

MATRA/KNIP are small, local initiatives in the field of biodiversity conservation could qualify for the so-called MATRA-KNIP programme. This programme is comparable to the MATRA-KAP programme, but with a more limited scope. For several consecutive years, The Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has held a tender for the KNIP grant in Ukraine. In 2007 the announcement of the tender will sent out in the end of January by email to a database of Ukrainian NGO’s. Below please find tender announcement for the KNIP grant in 2007:   


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine has a yearly budget at its disposal to execute projects within the nature protection programme. The financial means used for these projects come from the KNIP fund, the small nature protection initiative projects fund. The Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality manages this programme.

The KNIP fund is designed for organisations, which are active in the field of nature protection and management. For your information, the Embassy differentiates between the concepts of nature (green) and environment (grey). Green subjects are, among others, nature management and maintenance, inventories of protected species and preservation actions for threatened species. Items like, for example, nuclear power or other energy related subjects, industrial pollution and causal connections between ecological pollution and diseases are part of the grey project group. These grey projects can not be funded through the KNIP fund. Proposals of projects that after completion might lead to a more extended project will have preference.

Since 1999 the Office has organised a yearly tender procedure for nature protection projects executed by NGO’s. There is NO SPECIAL APPLICATION FORM to be completed to participate in the KNIP competition. All organisations are invited to write their proposals in English and submit them to the Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The submitted proposals must comply with the following criteria:

Clear indication of the contact person and complete address, telephone number and e-mail address of the organisation;

Funds for implementing the project can be transferred to the bank account that is registered on your NGO, NOT on the private person;

Projects must be self-sustainable (once-only actions);

Funding may not be spent on facility building (rent, wages, phone bills, overhead);

Maximum funding per project is UAH 15.000;

A proof of registration of your organisation as an NGO must be included;

Clear definition of the expected results/aim of the project;

Specification of type and duration of activities (it is desired that activities are to be completed before November 1, 2007);

Notification of earlier funding (local/national/international);

Separate and detailed budget (in UAH), notification of own contribution/donations (see attachment);

Proposals are to be written in English;

Please note that we cannot cover the costs for purchasing of films for photos or the developing of photos.

There is a limit of two proposals per organisation.

We do not accept proposals sent by e-mail or fax.

The proposals (one copy) can be sent by mail to:

the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine

Посольство Королівства Нідерландів в Україні

Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Офіс Радника з питань сільського господарства, природи та якості харчових продуктів

Mr. Ton Verhagen

Тон Ферхаген

Kontraktova square 7

Контрактова площа, 7

01901 Kyiv

01901 Київ

Wednesday, 7th of March is the closing date for receiving the proposals. All proposals have to be in our office on that date before 17.00 hours. The proposals received after this date and time will not be included in the procedure.

A committee will decide which projects shall be executed. All organisations will receive information about the results by mail.

The contracts will only be signed in the second part of April 2007. When we approve your proposal we will contact you in due time to make an appointment on one of these days.

If you have any further questions please contact Iryna Dudiak or Kateryna Tushynska at the Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, telephone number 044 - 490 82 23 or send your e-mail to: kie-lnv@minbuza.nl.

We will not give out any information concerning the results of the tender by telephone.

You are free to distribute this letter.

Good luck,

Mr. Ton Verhagen

Counsellor for Agriculture,

Nature and Food Quality





Name of project:


Project leader / contact person:




Total project budget:

Requested from the Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality:


Statement of budget expenditure:


Activity/Budget item

Quantities and Unit Costs

Amount in UAH














Please note to include in your statement of budget expenditure detailed answers on the following questions (if applicable to your proposal):

Rent (specify for what, how long, with whom);

Fuel/gas (for how many kilometres, specify distances/places);

Materials (specify exactly what it is, how much it will cost);

Transport (specify distances/places, bus fares, train tickets, etc.);

Publications like leaflets, catalogues, books etc. (specify on number of copies, how much it will cost to make them, how you plan to distribute them);

If you don’t live in Kiev, please indicate what a normal RETURN ticket by public transport would cost from your place to Kiev;

If there are more people involved in the project, please inform how many and who they are.

To date, no KNIP funds are allocated for Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


1.2 Scholarships

Stichting Uitwisseling, which is active in Ukraine and Moldova, is a professional non-profit organization for agricultural exchanges and study tours. It coordinates several exchange programs. The most important component of the majority of programmes is the practical training period. It may last anywhere from 3 to 12 months and is, at times, combined with a language introduction course, excursions and meetings with young farmers. Stichting Uitwisseling also organises study tours and seminars for managers, students and other interested people. Additionally, it published a “Western European” and a “Europe Total” version of a dictionary with agricultural terms in 12 languages.

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